Integrated SEO & Social Approach


Why a combined Search(SEO) and Social Media campaign?


We recommend you supplement SEO with social media optimisation for best results.

It's now so important to gain a natural link popularity through link baiting and encouraging sharing and online engagement. Creating fresh media rich content, communicating with your potential customer base, building an online community by interacting with them through strategic and targeted campaigns is the recommended approach by Rankability - there are no short cuts.


This is now essential for an ethical and balanced digital campaign in order to maintain a natural SEO profile. Utilising poor quality directories and article sites with average content, low quality sites and blog networks , and over optimising are not natural and ethical SEO techniques,  and don't cut the mustard anymore. It will only do more harm than good, and you may never recover your website if deployed in this way.


A combined Search and Social Campaign may include the following;


  • Management and building your following and fan base.
  • Social media posting & engagement using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & other platforms
  • Guest posting & publishing (content, images, videos on related high traffic blogs)
  • Sharing content.
  • Facebook posts, Tweets updates & re-tweets.
  • Market competitions, events and  driving significant follower interaction.
  • Blog networking, relationship building, blog & forum commenting.


If you are contacting us in order to request a quote, please note that our SEO/Social media services start from £650 per month.


  • "An Integrated approach is the best approach!"

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