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A quality digital search campaign that has delivered increases in traffic and revenue for Limehouse Recording Studio.


Limehouse Recording Studio


Company Information


The Limehouse Recording Studio is an established and modern digital music recording company based in London, providing musicians and artists with a professional recording environment for customers UK wide.


Project Background


Limehouse recording studio had previously carried out some SEO work with an offshore company and commenced a partnership with Rankability in June 2011. Limehouse Studios had built a large, fully-functional site but were still experiencing limited search engine visibility and wanted to increase their main primary keyword rankings.



  • To target their primary keywords including gaining '#1 spot for 'recording studios london"

  • To surpass all competitors’ websites to the top #3 positions of for other keywords.


  • To improve on page optimisation for existing and new pages.


Our SEO Strategy

  • A natural and progressive link building strategy from quality, related music sites/blogs.
  • On page optimisation and alignment of meta title tags. Social Media and Blog Outreach campaign using Videos and posting.


Ranking Results

  • No #1 ranking in Google for 'Recording Studios London' + 'Recording Studios in London'


    No #1 ranking in Google for 'London Recording Studio' + 'Grand Piano Recording Studio'


  • No #2 ranking in Google for 'Recording Studio Rates' + 'Recording Studio Prices'
  • First page for 'Recording Studio" keyword.


Increase in Visitors

  • The average number of visitors coming to their site has doubled.


The number of visitors has more than doubled for their main keyword from previous year. An increase of 126.88% for organic traffic to their site.


organic traffic



Shows increase in brand awareness from a higher number of visitors using brand name search terms.


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