Mobile Applications


Mobile phone applications and tablet PC's have become part of every day life for consumers and businesses are tapping into the their marketing potential.


We have a team of mobile application developers who can provide a suite of mobile phone applications for a wide range of industries for the iPhone, android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows mobile.


Apple iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows - no problem!


Rankability can  provide custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms such as the Apple iOS (iOS 4 and its later versions), Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian OS. 


We have designed applications across diverse industries such as business, utilities, entertainment and gaming to name a few.

  • iPhone App Development

    The iPhone is a phenomonen in it's own right and has changed the way we interact on the move, for business and personal use.

    Rankability are specialists in custom iPhone application design and development and are familiar with all iPhone IOS platforms and the SDK development for the IPhone.

    We have provided and released free iPhone apps aswell as a wide range of successful paid apps into the iTunes store.

  • Google Android App Development

    The Google Android operating system for mobiles is an established market place for mobile applications and the smartphone market.

    Android apps have already gained an overwhelming popularity and are continuing to further their market share and grow at a phenomenal rate.

    Rankability's mobile application developers are experts in their field, with an in depth experience and command of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), the technology, and all the tools and APIs necessary to build and create superior-quality Android apps.

    We are now developing with the latest technology version of the Google Android OS, i.e. versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 SDK, and well-prepared to embrace its forthcoming upgrade, with the enhanced and feature rich Android 2.4 version.

  • Windows Mobile Phone 7 App Development

    Windows mobile phone 7 applications are developing and maturing gradually and have all the advantageous amd benefits of integrating with the windows desktop operating system.

    Rankability can provide a wide range of Windows Mobile 7 applications for business and consumer use.

  • "Simply, Brilliant Mobile Apps."

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