Performance Marketing (SEO)


If you're looking for a pay for performance SEO service with little or no risk, then we can offer everything you have always wanted from a digital marketing agency.


Performance is all about the ability to deliver a return on investment from a structured and measured SEO campaign. We can work in a number of ways ranging from KPI delivery to risk & reward remuneration or a tiered pay-on-performance based model.


  • 1. CPA Performance Model

    The CPA model is a win-win approach for all - you don't have to endure the uncertainty of spiralling marketing costs without any return on your investment. You are only paying for the sales or the leads that we generate.

    We offer a guaranteed CPA (cost per action) which includes a number of scenarios. Performance reward can be based on a 'percentage of the basket value' or a 'fixed value per lead'. Basically, we only get paid when we succeed and increase your sales revenue.

    This keeps our SEO and CPA analysts motivated and drives them to innovate. Using an incentive based approach means they higher the client sales, the bigger rewards for them. We like to be kept on our toes!

    Following an analysis of your current traffic, leads and sales, we will determine and agree on an appropriate sales-reward model.

  • 2. Pay On Performance Model

    Rankability can work on the basis of achieving specific ranking placements for agreed target keywords. This model works on a reduced monthly payment fee, with additional increment amounts for reaching first page, top 6 and top positions in Google.

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