Social Media Marketing


Effective & integrated search campaigns

Social media should be included as part of your core search strategy , and no matter what the business or niche, most can benefit from the influence and elements of social media.

You need knowledge to speak with confidence,but possess true wisdom to know when to listen! Social media is all about listening first, understanding the conversations , building awareness ; only then should you engage online . There's no point in leaping in and gate crashing the party with an ill informed comment - it may actually do more damage than good.

At Rankability, we realise how valuable social media and how influential it can be for your online business, in terms of sales, attracting new customers and increasing your brand awareness.

Rankability can help reach your online goals, by creating a powerful dialogue that goes far beyond traditional advertising. We will create and manage a strategy that works for your brand.


  • Health Check/Audit & Consultancy: capturing the social picture

    If you've looked at your competitors and how they are using social media, you're probably wondering how to utilise social media for your business, but are possibly not quite sure how to do it effectively and monitor it's success?

    The first stage to social media management is to identify what is being said about your company and brand, determine which community sectors/niches are involved and who is saying what. With this crucial information you are able to profile and segment before engaging and targeting these individuals or communities.

    We will provide a report on the current social media activity about your brand, organisation and ndustry sector. We will formulate and develop a bespoke Social Media Strategy in the form of a plan of action, ideas for engagement, delivery and execution.

  • Research, Insights & Engagement: uncovering the chatter

    We will listen in real time to online conversations about your brand, products, industry sector and carry out a gap analysis by providing metrics on your competitors. We will categorise conversation types, key influencers and relevant audiences to target through social engagement. We utilise social media tools that can capture all social media activity, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites, like Pinterest. We show you how your company can engage on the social web whether for a small startup campaign to larger scale campaigns and group messaging. We can help to create social platforms for conversation, promotional campaigns, spread influence, build communities, manage brand reputations to help increase your digital footprint and extend your companies online visibility.

    Community Management: co-ordination & collaboration

    We will create and develop online communities for your brand that can help increase engagement and customer loyalty.

  • Reporting & Monitoring: accountability and clarity

    By utilising our real time social media platform and extensive reporting tool, we will provide detailed metrics and key performance indicators, so you can see a clear picture of your social media activity, your movement, impact and performance.

  • "Join the conversation or get left behind!"

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